Lavender Crop of 2014

Our New Lavender Harvest, Delivered to Your Home

As you step into the cool morning dew, we can hear the birds beckon us into a new day.  As the sun begins to make its way over the horizon, the glints of sunlight begin to dance on the morning dew.  This farm is a place of wonder and beauty. The morning sky brightens and begins to share the light with all the earthly elements.

And then you see it, the field of lavender in all its splendor.  The majesty of color fills the hillside and you can feel the soft wind on your face.  The refreshing scent of lavender begins to fill your very essence and your relaxation begins.

The world we live in today can be a hectic place.  Our wish is that everyone could wake to the joy of our farm and behold nature’s gift.  Since you can’t be here with us, we distill this essence into our products for you.  We do with this with love and care.

Enjoy, relax, and give a little of this essence to yourself and those you love.  In this way, a little part of this beauty is shared with the world.


Bridget @ Red Barn Lavender