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The farm, located in a neighborhood settled around the turn of the last century by Swedish immigrants, is nestled in rolling hills, encircled by beautiful countryside, and framed to the east by a wonderful view of Mt. Baker and surrounding foothills.

Red Barn Lavender has a few thousand Lavender plants in varieties including Buena Vista, Grosso, Maillette, Fred Boutin, Giant Hidcote, Old English, Twickle Purple, Royal Velvet, Blue Hidcote and Pink Hidcote Richard Gray, and Cascade Velvet.

Before the lavender was planted, the fields had been passively managed pasture for over 50 years, with no use of sprays, pesticides or other inorganic treatments. The lavender on the farm continues to be grown with no use of sprays, pesticides or other inorganic treatments.

Flower harvest begins in late June, depending on the weather, but the lavender will start its fragrant show as the flowers develop during the month of June.

When the flowers are fully mature, the distilling process begins.  Grosso and Maillette are especially good for oil production.

The essential oils are 100% natural and complete: they have not been adulterated with added oils, alcohol, or other chemicals; they have not been stripped or re-distilled.

The lavender essential oil and hydrosol are bottled for sale and form the basis of a quality line of lavender soaps, lotions, and other personal and household products.